modelland 4

"as if by Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, i think..." / names may change


by this time the National Security Agency was working out the glitches for following your eye movement as you read this. they could track which keys you typed on your keyboard, whether or not you were still at the screen, where you went on the internet next, etc etc. by majority voice on youtube, finally the NSA was no longer the National Spy Agency, but the National Security Agency. some of the workers there didn't exactly mind that lots of folks referred to them as putting the S in Service. proud to serve. bud light? shaken, not stirred? after all, most of them were starting to prefer tips to paychecks.

but it was, first and foremost, at this point in human evolution, the national Security agency. following the majority choice, most people had opted in for full NSA tracking. being american at heart and in principle, it protected your freedom. again, on majority choice via youtube, paypal, etc., security and other decisions and actions were based on the latest definitions of good, bad, and evil at took's diktionary. basically, in a nutshell, if you intended to use force against or harm someone who didn't intend to use force against or harm anyone, that's when you'd be stopped. other than that, you were free to do what you wanted.

so, if you wanted to read up on pedohate, they didn't smear you. if, however, they had reason to believe you were getting ready to engage in pedohate, they took measures to stop you. all on the record. if you wanted to read about the past evils of "american imperialism" and study manuals on how to build a bomb with fertilizer, they didn't smear you. but if they had reason to believe you were getting ready to make a bomb anywhere near anyone, they moved on you. if you cheated on your spouse they didn't smear you. but if your spouse wanted to find out if you were cheating on them, your spouse could find out with a click. and your spouse could certainly publicize your deeds. if, however, the NSA had reason to believe you were getting ready to use force against your cheating spouse or their property, they moved on you.

took and vanessa were driving in the desert between vegas and los angeles. it was night. sky was darker than the black camaro, so much so that if the headlights were off you could see not only a gillion gazillion stars, but the milky way in all its glory. took was driving. vanessa was on the passenger side. leaning on her door side, comfortably.

one of the displays in the 5th-gen V8 camaro lit up.

"NSA" the lcd read in allcaps. a few moments later, someone's voice came through the speakers. "NSA."

neither vanessa nor took changed posture or anything.

the voice continued as the display flashed codices in small fonts.

"a car's been following you for about 45 minutes," the voice continued calmly.

"closing in gradually. now about a mile behind you."

again, nothing much changed in vanessa's or took's demeanor.

the voice continued again. "would you like a live feed from the car?"

vanessa thought for a few seconds. she then moved her upper body forward, opened the glove box, and her hand took a deck of dark tarot cards.

her back now resting again against the leather seat, she moved the cards some. took out a card. looked at it. turned it. looked at it some more.

"no, we're good," she said. "thank you," she added.

"how 'bout you, you good?" vanessa asked.

"awesome, thanks," replied the NSA voice.

a few more minutes went by, a few more miles of night desert road.

vanessa reached for the glove compartment again. she had put the cardstock tarot deck down. now she reached for a black, round, oltova phone. she held it in her hand, and said, "olly."

there were a few sounds and some static electricity noise for a few moments. sounded also like people were partying.

"WHATUP VEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" olly's voice shouted happily through the oltova phone. vanessa could see her HUGE smile.

vanessa smiled too. so did took, big time.

"hey gurl!!" the two girls went back and forth like that type of exchange a couple of times. but then vanessa changed her voice and posture, and began to convey she had some serious stuff to pronounce.


olly was quiet for a few seconds.

at this time, no one was quite sure were dan brown was, or stood, really. he, tyra banks, and others had been making plans for the big events. the events with the new interactive tarots, at the top of the egyptian pyramid, at the washington monument, and so many other places outlined at but of course, what with "flashed eye, moved stone" and all, the world was starting to understand more and more that focal points were all over, often moving. there were so many things than nintendo could do that playstation and xbox couldn't -- not as well. most importantly, luis royo, Lo Scarabeo, and US Games Inc were all in talks about the tarots -- cardstock, digital, trading cards, skyscraper, and more -- for dan brown and tyra. AND so much more, so many more. of course what olly, vanessa and took wanted to do was frequently focused on eminem, tyra, and, possibly, dr dre. olly had understood that marshall mathers wanted to meet his incredible "daughter" EVEN MORE than she wanted to meet him, if you can imagine that. if you were eminem, wouldn't you want to meet such beautiful, amazing "daughter" of yours? but more than anything, emotional stuff aside, these folks wanted to do their road trip, stop at a bar, have a brew, whatever.

"olly ..." vanessa said again.

they were doing about 80. slow and safe. peter moved around in the back seat, cramped.

"yo, we're tryin' to sleep here!" he said. they almost chuckled. he moved again and sorta-pretend-grunted.

but they turned serious again soon enough.

"olly ... " vanessa said for the third time.

she leaned forward toward the display below the stereo and tapped the screen to visualize the position of the car that was following them.

"WHAAAAT ?" olly exclaimed.

vanessa took a deep breath, and answered:

"we have a message from Zelda."

- -

- -

- -

olly was quiet on the other end.

then she spoke: "call dan brown. we gotta get level 17 ethan and "flower songs and bleeding hearts."
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images from cards artworks by raffaele de angelis ("dark fairytale tarot") and luis royo ("the black tarot")